Critical thinking skills are important skills to exercise and come into play when we are problem solving, forming opinions and making decisions. Critical thinking skills can help us to make better judgments, boost creativity and perform better in school. Here are some suggestions for ways to build your critical thinking skills…

Be curious

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, test theories, or suggest ways to do things differently. Explore different opinions before making your own judgements.

Evaluate information

Learning how to evaluate information is an important factor of critical thinking. Try to think about who or where the information is coming from and why it is important.

Explore your interests

You are more likely to feel engaged and use your critical thinking skills when looking into a topic of personal interest. Take advantage of opportunities where you can explore the things that excite you, like reading a new book or watching an educational You Tube video.

Set yourself goals

You can also put your critical thinking skills into practice by setting yourself short and long-term goals. Good goal setting requires careful consideration of potential risks and challenges, as well as establishing your desired outcomes. By preparing yourself to achieve your goals, you will be mentally prepared to face any challenges that you may come up against.