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Year 6 – Afternoon Retreat

Posted: 30th January 2020

Day retreats have been a well-established part of the Senior School programme for a number of years. This year, with our new Chaplaincy space, as well as a Chaplain, the School has begun to extend the experience of a retreat to the Prep Department.

Year 6 were the first to experience their afternoon retreat and, earlier this month came to the Chaplaincy to spend an afternoon reflecting on the theme of ‘Gifts’. We began by sharing our own gifts and every pupil was asked to write down the gifts they saw in other members of their class. The girls really enjoyed seeing how their peers valued their qualities. We then considered that gifts can often be hidden – we can sometimes focus on appearance and fail to see the gifts inside others.

Finally, we prepared a short prayer to finish the afternoon and Year 6 pupils helped to write prayers thanking God for the gifts we have, as well as the gifts others share with us. It was a very successful afternoon and a wonderful opportunity to get to know our Year 6 pupils a little better.

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