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Pastoral Enrichment Day

Posted: 18th November 2020

On Thursday, 12 November, the whole school took part in a Pastoral Enrichment Day. Activities were wide ranging, and designed to stimulate discussion and reflection.  In the Lower School, we introduced the new Yondr pouches which we are trialling as a new way to help ensure a positive phone-free environment during the school day. Both Years 7 and 8 contributed positively and thoughtfully to the questions and issues raised by our presenters, who were extremely impressed by our girls’ engagement and openness as they shared
how device use by others impacts on their own lives.

In the Prep School pupils took part in a variety of activities including pilates, crafts, quizzes, dancing and water polo.

“It was great to enjoy doing different activities to what we usually do in school, such as the French disco. We loved La Danse des Pingouins!”
Alice – Year 6

“The whole day was very enjoyable, but at the same time it was extremely relaxing, especially the cross-stitch and the yoga.”
Meghan – Year 6

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