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Sixth Form Retreat

Posted: 25th November 2020

Our Sixth Form Retreat was held on Thursday 12 November. Unfortunately, Covid restrictions meant we were unable to go to Whitstable as last year but, the very welcome assistance of Canon Peter Newby and the parish of St Margaret of Scotland in Twickenham meant we  could enjoy a relaxing and thoughtful experience in their parish hall and garden, finishing with Mass in the adjacent Church.


Being a local venue, Sixth Formers could make their own way to the Church and were welcomed with coffee and a biscuit before we started the day. The retreat theme was ‘Called to be…’, and focused on the gifts and qualities they found within themselves and moved on to consider how those qualities could be used to work in partnership and enable and inspire others.

After a delicious pizza lunch, the girls used their skills to prepare for Mass at the end of the day which was celebrated by Fr Peter. Many girls commented on how much they enjoyed the time away from their busy days to step back and reflect and pray as well as enjoy the company of their peers in the Sixth Form.

Our thanks again to Fr Peter and the parish of St Margaret’s for their assistance on the day.
M Ryan, Chaplain

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