The Friends of St Catherine’s School (FOSC) was formed in 1976 to fundraise and provide extra equipment for the school and its pupils and staff. We are proud over the years to have contributed in many ways to school life.

The main hall was our first project and since then we have paid for many items such as games equipment, cameras, televisions, kitchen equipment, the school minibus, lockers for the senior department, a new computer room, laptops and also interactive whiteboards for every classroom.

FOSC Christmas Celebrations

In the 2011/2012 academic year FOSC raised money to purchase a further five interactive whiteboards, a new nativity set for Christmas celebrations, trolleys to help our superb caretakers move equipment for school events, 17 violins and other percussion instruments for the music department and a projector for the main hall. In 2013/2014, we purchased a second minibus, prep playground equipment, sports and gym equipment, automatic swimming pool cover and WI-FI. There will be new ovens for Food and Technology, self-defence equipment, accelerated learning system and more whiteboards and projectors.

FOSC Whiteboards and Projectors

We hope that we can further our efforts in the future. Without parent, pupil and staff contributions, these achievements would not be possible, and therefore your continued support is much appreciated. All the funds we raise, as well as your parental donations go directly to the school for the benefit of all the pupils.

Ways You Can Help Us:

  • Volunteer to join FOSC, we are always looking for new recruits to become part of our fundraising team.
  • Become a Class Rep, a good way to get to know parents in your class. This network of helpers is vital to our work.
  • Offer to help with a particular job which could be something you could do at home, an extra pair of hands at one of our events, or just a one-off contribution of your time and talent.