A key part of our pastoral care at St. Catherine’s is encouraging a healthy lifestyle and helping the girls develop a positive attitude to food. All of our community, students and staff, take lunch in our Dining Room, with our meals provided by Ch & Co Catering.

The menu is exciting and varied, with plenty of vegetables and fruit. There is a daily range of hot dishes, both meat/fish and vegetarian, as well as jacket potatoes and soup. The salad bar is vibrant, with a diverse range of choices and a number of cold protein options, such as cheese, tuna and ham. For dessert we offer yogurts, jelly and a wide selection of fruit, as well as a daily treat such a slice of brownie or bowl of apple crumble. Often we have themed days, when all dishes come from a particular cuisine, and we enjoy a weekly ‘meat-free’ Monday, and fish on Friday.

We cater for all dietary requirements, and students with specific needs are encouraged to speak directly with the Catering Manager about how we can provide for them. All our girls are regularly invited to give feedback and suggestions through our Food Committee, and the menu is reviewed regularly to ensure variety.