Both within and outside the classroom, the experienced staff of St Catherine’s provide academic and enrichment extension opportunities for our able, gifted and talented pupils in a range of subject areas so that they can fulfil their academic potential. Through academic and enrichment opportunities, we aim to prepare and extend pupils to aim for top GCSE and A Level grades whilst developing independent and confident learners. As pupils move through the School, we want to ensure that we prepare our most able pupils to be in a position to apply to Oxbridge, Medicine, and other competitive Russell Group and international courses.

Our extension programme is divided into two areas: Academic and Enrichment.


For the academic aspect of the extension programme, pupils are extended in their learning through bespoke and personalised lesson planning that differentiates and extends those at the top. Questioning, extension reading, alternative pathways and targeted feedback allows pupils to excel; ensuring rapid and sustained progress.

Enquiry Based Learning is central to our teaching style and pupils are encouraged to extend their learning and subject expertise by taking lead roles in activity weeks, department societies and mentoring that enables them to achieve highly and develop intellectual confidence.

In addition to academic extension in the classroom, our most able pupils are encouraged to participate in the following academic programmes:

–        UK Maths Challenge

–        Subject Societies 

–        EPQ Mini (Year 9-10)

–        EPQ (Year 12)


Throughout the year, we also arrange separate enrichment opportunities which aim to extend our highest attaining pupils. These have included:

  • Siena Society talks from a range of speakers which inspire girls to think beyond the school curriculum and consider aspirational career choices
  • Trips to conferences to hear subject experts speak on their field
  • Visits to museums, galleries and plays to bring what they are studying to life
  • Overseas excursions to extend their spoken language skills and understanding of a diverse range of cultures