Sixth Form Scholarships

St Catherine’s offers Sixth Form scholarships in the following categories:

  • Academic
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Sport

Academic scholarships are awarded according to the applicant’s results in three academic written papers (which normally relate to her A level choices).

Art scholarship applicants must possess true talent, a unique style and the ability to express a passion for their medium of choice. Applicants should bring in a portfolio that should include sketchbooks and final outcomes. The portfolio is expected to be tailored to the particular field of study the award is based on. For example, a fine art scholarship would require artwork created using traditional mediums like acrylic, oil or watercolour, while a photographic scholarship would require photography work.  Portfolio scholarships are awarded based on the strength, quality, and potential of the applicant’s artwork portfolio.

Drama scholarship applicants should ideally be taking GCSE Drama. The exception would be if the applicant has demonstrated a keen interest in performing/directing/design skills through productions in or outside of school. It is expected that all applicants will be involved with extra-curricular Drama (eg school productions/Drama Club).

If the candidate is taking Drama lessons outside of school, a reference from her teacher to support her application would be required. LAMDA students may provide evidence of their current grade or level. Those applying for a Drama scholarship will be required to take an audition and interview with the Head of Drama. At the audition, it is expected that students will have chosen a monologue which best showcases their performance skills. The monologue should be learned off by heart and a copy provided to the Head of Drama.

Music scholarship applicants should be of at least Grade 7 standard in at least one instrument. Applicants should bring original certificates of their latest exams, including Grade 5 theory. Those applying for a Music scholarship will have an audition to which they should bring 2 pieces of music of contrasting styles.

Sports scholarship applicants should be performing at county or regional standard in at least one sport and submit written evidence to support their performance. A PE Theory paper will be sat as part of the assessment.

Deadline for Sixth Form scholarship applications is the first Monday in November of Year 11. All exams and assessments are held in the final week of November in Year 11. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications by the end of the Autumn term.

Please contact if you would like more information.