St Catherine’s Debating Society is held on Thursdays at lunchtime and is a popular extra-curricular activity. The school runs a House Debating Competition and the students compete in national debating competitions. It is not difficult to understand the appeal of debating and its relevance to contemporary education: the students are able to learn the skills required to speak in public, the art of reading an audience’s reactions, the willingness to hear another’s arguments and to think on their feet in formulating a response.

London Junior Debating Competition

Congratulations to the Year 7 and 8 debating team for getting through to the final of the London Junior Debating Competition next Tuesday 1st May at Godolphin School.

This is particularly impressive as five of the team are from Year 7 and had not done any competition debating until this year.

London Junior Debating League – 2nd Round Winners

Very well done to the Year 7 and Year 8 St Catherine’s girls in the London Junior Debating League for winning all four of their matches so far. The second round was on Tuesday 23rd January against Tiffin Girls, Radnor Twickenham and Radnor Sevenoaks.

The prepared motion was ‘This house would reduce the voting age to 16’ and then there was an unprepared debate as well. The third and final round will be in March and then one team of the four schools will go through to the final in the summer term.

London Junior Debating

Very well done to our team in the first round of the London Junior Debating competition: Amari Allen, Diya Maharaj and Aimee Mantle. The team won both their matches against Tiffin Girls and Radnor House, debating the motions: ‘This House supports co-educational schooling’ and ‘This House
believes technology benefits society.’ The second round will be held at St Catherine’s on Tuesday 23rd January.

James Skidmore MA (Oxon) – Director of Studies

House Debating Competition

On Tuesday 10th October the final of the House Debating Competition was held in the Main Hall in front of the whole school between Bronte and Nightingale.

They debated the motion: ‘This house would shop ’til you drop’’ and were able to mix up high level arguments on materialism, hedonism and individualism with practical discussion of the role of the retail sector in the UK economy.

All the girls performed at a high level, giving and taking points of information and thinking quickly on their feet. Bronte eventually won by a very narrow margin because of their ability to engage and entertain the audience. Both teams deserve great credit for the effort they put in and the superb performances they produced.