At St Catherine’s we believe that providing a wide range of opportunities in sports for students of all abilities is important for health, fitness and well-being, as well as creating the sense of achievement and value that active participation and successful competition bring.

Our students achieve notable success in sport across a broad range of activities: hockey, netball, swimming, hockey, trampolining, athletics, biathlon, equestrian and cross-country. We are proud to be ISA Regional Champions in several sporting events: Swimming, Cross-country, Athletics and Netball.  In addition, we do support many students through regional selection to competing at English Schools.

Spring Term Extra-Curricular Timetable


Before School

7.30 – 8.20

Netball for all (except for icy or rainy conditions)

Early Bird Swimming

7.30 – 8.00

Prep Fitness Club        Years 3-6

7.30 -8.00

Early Bird Swimming

7.30 – 8.00


Prep Swimming Club

Year 3-6

7.15 – 8.00

Year 10 GCSE

Trampoline Squad Training



Prep – 12.2o -1.05


1.05 – 1.35

Prep Cross Country

Years 3-6

XC Cross Country Club

All Welcome

Prep Swimming Squad

Years 3-6

Years 7-11

Netball/Hockey Practice


Senior Netball/Hockey Practice

Senior Badminton Club

Prep Football Years 3-6

After School


Tennis England Prep Swimming Squad – Years 3-6

Senior Swimming Squad

Netball Club   Years 3 – 6

Prep Football Years 3-6

Chelsea Coaches

Trampolining Club – Y7 & Y8

Junior Hip Hop

Small Hall

5-6pm Tennis England

Senior Hockey at Surbiton Hockey  Club