(This is a summary of information contained in the Special Educational Needs Policy.)


Mrs S-J Hussan

SENCO/Learning Support

Prospective Parents

For information about arrangements and reasonable provision for pupils with a disability or learning difficulty and enrolment to the school, please contact the Headmistress’s P.A. Mrs A Faulkner

The Department

The Learning Support Department is run by Mrs S-J Hussan with Mrs C McNaughton providing support in the Prep. The Learning Support room is situated close to the staffroom making liaison with teachers very convenient. We aim to support pupils who, whilst able to access the school curriculum, may need extra help due to a specific learning difficulty or a lack of confidence in a particular aspect of their work. The range of specific learning difficulties includes: dyslexia, dyspraxia, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD/ADD and dyscalculia. Provision for girls for whom English is an additional language is also available.

Pupil Screening

· Literacy Screening

This assessment is carried out in Year 7 and consists of group attainment tests for reading, reading comprehension and spelling. If there is a discrepancy between ability and attainment, further individual screening is normally undertaken. This takes place with the specialist teacher, Mrs S-J Hussan and support is offered where appropriate with liaison with parents.. There is monitoring and tracking of all pupils as they move through Key Stage 3.

· MidYIS Screening

MidYIS tests, which measure verbal, non-verbal and quantitative ability, are administered by the school during the autumn term.


The most common learning problems encountered are usually within one or more of the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Maths
  • Study Skills
  • Exam performance
  • Organisation Skills

Individual specialist tuition is available for girls of all ages, with teaching programmes devised for each individual based on assessment. The school makes an additional charge for 1:1 support. Most lessons take place in the Learning Support room, Meeting Room, Prep Library and Senior Library. Support lessons in the Prep School last 30 minutes and in the Senior School, 45 minutes.

An individualised approach is adopted for all tuition and is not restricted to any particular method. An individual teaching programme is devised for each pupil. Auditory, visual and kinesthetic skills are considered so that teaching is directed to building on strengths whilst improving weak areas. Poor motor co-ordination and speech and language difficulties are also taken into account.

Study Skills support is offered on a 1:1 basis, as part of the PSHE programme, as a current subject option at Key Stage 4 and within the Sixth Form General Studies programme.

Examination Access Arrangements

For those pupils requiring extra time and/or word processing for external examinations, an educational/clinical assessment must have taken place during their secondary school career. These need to be updated in Year 9 in readiness for controlled assessments and modular examinations, which start in Year 10.

A history of provision is normally required in order to allocate extra time and other examination concessions. In addition these pupils will need to be assessed by the Learning Support Department as evidence for the Examination Boards concerned.