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Year 6 Lensbury Trip

Posted: 25th September 2019

On Friday 13 September, Year 6 visited the Lensbury Watersports Centre, where we did team building activities —kayaking, raft building and dragonboat racing.The girls assisted each other through each activity, and even though some of us girls fell in, we persevered. With the reliable instructors and terrific teamwork, we had a tremendous day full of adventure.

By: Olive, Lucy, Mya & Liara

On Friday 13 September, we went to the Lensbury Water Sports Centre. We got a lot of pleasure out of our three activities; raft-building, kayaking, and dragon boat racing! At first we were very startled about the prospect of falling in, but we got through it as a team. In kayaking, we learnt how to do a 360-degree turn and played lots of great games. Then we went on to do raft-building, tied the knots, and placed the barrels to make our own unique raft. Finally we did dragon boat racing. We had lots of races and finished the day smiling. The tremendous team taught us loads and we are very grateful.

By: Chloe, Ocean, Maddie, Summer, Claudia & Anya

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