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PE Challenges – Spring Term

Posted: 10th February 2021

The girls at home on site have been diligently carrying out the tasks set by their PE teachers this term. Her are some inspiring examples.

Great work from Molly L in Year 12, who is top of the PE Challenge scoreboard for Bubble 5.



Chloe W in Year 7 enjoyed Mrs Healey’s Hip Hop challenge and power session netball workout. It is great to see our pupils keeping active.



Laura in Year 10 taking the  the Tabata high intensity workout, where participants get a full body workout in 4 minutes flat. Starting with a 20 second rep of push ups

Other exercises to include in the Tabata high intensity workout include squats and mountain climbers!


Eve in Year 8 has been enjoying yoga and early morning runs. Well done, Eve, and what a beautiful view of the river!

Mei  in Year 9 has been learning some new football skills. Here she is practising the stepover.

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