Key Stage 3

Year 7: The Medieval World

We begin the year with an introduction to the skills and techniques of the historian and then investigate what it was like to live during the Middle Ages. Other topics studied in Year 7 include; The Black Death, The Norman Conquest of England and the Medieval Church.

Year 8: Power and Conflict

Year 8 is a study of power and conflict beginning with the Tudor monarchy and the Reform of the Church. We consider the impact of The Reformation with specific regard to the impact on ordinary people. In the second term we study The Transatlantic Slave Trade and its impact on Britain, the USA and the Caribbean. We finish the year studying the impact of the Industrial Revolution and the rapid changes experienced by society. Year 8 girls will have the opportunity to visit the Black Country museum or Hampton Court.

Year 9: 20th Century History

Year 9 History is a study of the 20th Century.  Democracy, Dictatorship, Revolution, and War are the key themes. Girls will visit the Imperial War Museum and have the chance to participate in an overseas trip which supports their learning outside the classroom.

In History students will develop their wider chronological understanding of the world as well as develop a range of skills. Girls will be taught to evaluate sources, develop their extended writing skills, debate moral and social issues, and think and write critically.

Key Stage 4: IGCSE History (Various Topics)

We currently teach Edexcel IGCSE History.  This is a two year course which is examined at the end of Year 11. There is a wide range of topics which can be studied.  Current topics are Germany 1918-45, The Cold War, Changes in Medicine and the Origins of the First World War.

Key Stage 5: OCR AS History (Various Topics)

Girls who choose to study A level sit OCR AS History at the end of Year 12. The current units we are studying are the Wars of the Roses 1445- 1461 and Spain 1469 -1556.

OCR GCE History also includes a 3000/4000 word essay based on a personal historical investigation, as well as a very interesting unit on the Italian Renaissance.

Teaching Staff

Mrs N Gava - Head of History

Mr J Skidmore

Mrs P Bath 

Miss A Wallace