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Ukulele Club

Posted: 4th November 2020

Almost six years ago a colleague and I, challenged by our Deputy Head to demonstrate a growth mindsetto the pupils and take up a new skill, decided we would take up the ukulele. This involved helping to accompany our congregational singing in assembly (luckily aided by more able pupils on other instruments) and attending a mass Ukulele sing-along at The Albany on Great Portland Street. I have never looked back, and am now a complete ukulele convert. I have yet to achieve serious mastery, but I can now find my way round the tabs for most pop songs and whenever I am sailing offshore, you canbe sure that my ukulele will be a stowaway on that boat (enjoying varying degrees of popularity).

Last week, a group of Bubble 3 girls and I started the Ukulele sing along club. This is a club about enjoying music in a relaxed environment in which everyone is encouraged to have a go and enjoy themselves. We welcome all levels of ability, including total beginners, so long as you are willing to give things a go. This week, we took on Johnny Nash’s 1972 classic I can see clearly now. Our focus was on learning the chords for D, G, A and C which, once mastered, open a lot of doors in terms of accessing other tunes. Should any of you be budding ukulele fans at home,here it is.

Mr Warner

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