At St Catherine’s we are committed to encouraging our pupils to understand their role as people of service and charity, both at school, and in the wider world. This is very much linked to our mission statement and our focus on helping each pupil to develop her sense of responsibility for others.
Weekly assemblies allow tutor groups to present on key themes, to consider values, and to reflect on the ways we are called to look after each other. In doing so, pupils regularly promote a chosen charity and are passionate about fundraising and developing awareness of social justice issues.

Each year the girls organise events to raise money for a variety of charities, including The Catholic Children’s Society, The Alzheimer’s Society, Macmillan Cancer Support, Just a Drop, Mary’s Meals, WWF, Operation Christmas Child, and Women at the Well.

Pupils also make regular suggestions about charities. Within the School Council, or other pupil groups, there are opportunities to discuss charity events and to work together on plans for fundraising and for increasing awareness of selected causes.